Leadership Development

“You are what you do, not what you say you’ll do.” – C.G. Jung

Leadership Development

  • Leadership DevelopmentNational and international leadership training with special methods of maximizing effects before, under and after the modules.
  • Tailored leadership training based on Personal Profiles, Action Learning and case work.
  • Talent programs attracting (and maintaining) the best candidates for your business.

As managers everyone is watching us when we take the lead. Competences, authenticity and “Walk the Talk” are paramount to make a group of people follow us.


To be able to change mindsets and facilitate actions that transform our reality in a positive direction is the essence of ”great leadership”.

In MoveMentor we call this phenomenon “Reflexecution” and our leadership training programs are built on this principle of reflection and execution.

Execution without qualified reflection is to ”do the wrong thing – well”. Reflection without the right execution is to “do the right thing – wrong”. To facilitate qualified reflection (fx. strategic or action planning) and lead the whole team or organization to execute with direction and consistency over time is to “do the right thing well” = “Reflexecution”.

In other words:

  • Our mindsets define our thoughts
  • Our thoughts manifest in our actions
  • Our actions create our reality

Talent development – to create the perfect incubation situation for new talent.

Are you seeing just an egg, a caterpillar and an insignificant acorn? Or can you see the eagle, the butterfly and the great oak tree?

Companies with the best employees are winning in the market. This is reality.

As an example MoveMentor designed and facilitated the following talent development program with Malaco Leaf:

  1. Personal Leadership
  2. Coaching & communication
  3. Team Development
  4. The Innovative Malaco Leaf
  5. Malaco Leaf in the World

Our leadership and talent development is based on:

  • Experiental learning – with lots of challenging and fun exercises
  • State of the art theory – presented in a fresh and accessible way
  • Special methods –  to transfer learning to everyday business reality to ensure the effect of the programs

MoveMentor specifically tailors development programs to fit your company’s needs and organizational culture.

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