Interface Workshops

Departmental interface problems are not negative – they are true potential!

Interface Workshops

MoveMentor offers solutions to interface issues between departments in a business or other types of organizations.

An archetypical interface issue arises between Production and Sales – Marketing. Production expects clear and long sighted sales forecasts, but often receives urgent orders instead.

The sales department expects flexibility from Production but often meets resistance – even when they have made great sales. The issue has existed since the birth of industrialization.

The solution is a qualified dialogue process, Departmental Interface Development Process (DIDPRO) which is based on the mediation process and other kindred tools.

The positive effects achieved by solving interface problems are substantial. Not only in terms of a better work environment but also on the financial bottom line . In some instances the solution of interface issues between Sales and Production has shown a 35% reduction in wastage and a 25% increase in earnings.

Conflicts are not dangerous. They can be considered as blocked energy. When a conflict is solved the blocked energy transforms into positive energy and the implicated parties experience a state of affairs significantly better than before. This is why there is such great human and financial potential in solving both small and serious conflicts.