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Team Development

“Only amateurs don’t train”

Ample time and lots of resources can make most teams perform well. Under pressure it is a different matter – only few manages to work harmoniously and efficiently in headwind or a raging storm.

This is why many companies choose MoveMentor’s team development processes.

Among others MoveMentor has facilitated team development processes for top management, middle management and employee groups in:


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“We can hereby confirm that MoveMentor is “Ronaldo” in facilitating.”
Ole Kamp Jensen, Head of development, Aarhus Tech


”MoveMentor is incredibly good at:

  • Making complex issues simple so that every individual as well as the group has a strong focus
  • action based learning with reflection/feedback follow-up
  •  very clear and present coaching of managers and employees”

Anders Rancke Madsen, Senior Manager, Novozymes reg. leader and team development process for 3 years


“I experience that the energy in the department is really good and that things in general are just a 100 % better than when we started the team development process”.

Tina Lindeløv, Head of Innovations in Lantmännen Schulstad


In the processes focus is on

  • How to create a peak performance team?
  • What are constructive and destructive group dynamics?
  • What phases is a team moving through over time?
  • Why are conflicts necessary to create unique results?
  • What can we gain by using visual team development tools?

We primarily base the team development on:

1) Tailoring of the process to fit your specific needs.

2) Individual profiles – showing participants’ behavioral preferences via simple and powerful color tools.

3) Collective Team profiles – showing the teams’ strengths and possible pitfalls.

4) Team diagnosis (tool with 25 questions helping you discover where the team is in it’s development process and what you should focus on to further develop the team)

5) Action Learning – practical exercises challenging the teams’ performance and ability to reflect.

We aim to make the team able to meet external pressures and tough deadlines without frustration or paralysis. The team development program is also about releasing blocked energy in the group. Energy that is often blocked by unclear goals, not knowing each other well enough, unclear roles and diffuse agreements about routines and ways you work.

When this blocked energy is released the team will typically be able to perform 30-50 % more (performance) and deliver 40-100% better results (quality). So ROI (return on investment) is very interesting for these processes

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