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Organizational Development

3D people making a puzzleWhen we assist our clients in organizational development we often focus on the following three areas:

1) Strategic Development and Execution of Strategy

2) Change Management

3) Value Implementation (and other things that consciously form the organizational culture)


 Among others MoveMentor has facilitated organizational development processes with :

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“The variation in form made the process interesting and full of learning! It was in no way heavy and bureaucratic. The playful approach and the deep commitment helped us reach a fantastic result”
Britt Marie Sundell, SAS


“A fantastic mix of commitment, energy and professionalism has carried through all the programs we have had with you.”

Eva Malver, CP Kelco


It has been a pleasure to work with you throughout this process – we will return!

Kim Madsen, Statoil


“MoveMentor has the unique ability to create inspiring learning spaces and to make the tools work in everyday reality too.”
Ann-Kristin Kongstad, HR director, Svalöv Weibull


Many businesses spend a lot of resources on developing a wonderful strategy – that ends up in a folder on the book shelf…

This is a waste of money, time and potential!

With the aid of a very efficient IT tool we have specialized in securing the execution of the strategies. Just as we can help you develop the strategy itself.

The IT tool

– documents the strategy (vision, mission, focus areas, must win battles, goals, department goals, KPI’s, action plans etc.)

– breaks down overall targets to department goals and action plans

– automatically follows up on mile stones in action plans and ensures a constant overview of the performance of the whole organization

Please contact us if you want to know more about strategic implementation and this great tool.



When the wind of change blows some build shelters – others build wind mills.

We guide and facilitate change processes in organizations and we educate change agents to handle “Change Management”. Everything we work for in MoveMentor is about mastering and guiding movement and positive change. When you are facing a change process it is important to ask the following questions:

– where on the change curve is management and where is the rest of the organization?

– how can we determine who are “Blockers” and who are “Allies” – what kind of resistance can we expect to experience?

– how can we get through the “change wheel” as fast and as safely as possible?

You can save oceans of time (and money) by approaching it the right way from the beginning. So why not do just that?



How can values come alive in our everyday reality? How can we unfold a positive organizational culture?

It happens most efficiently through co-creation, where everyone are co-creators and employee involvement is increased through a dynamic and creative change process. Such a process could follow our 6I-model:

  1. Initiation
  2. Involvement
  3. Integration
  4. Illustration
  5. Incorporation
  6. Invigoration

We tailor the process to fit the needs and DNA (culture) of the organization and often pair it with the  Appreciative Inquiry-method (AI) which finds all that is already functioning well in the organization – and makes it grow even further!

Call +45 27119922 and talk to Carsten Bruhn-Henriksen about your organization’s DNA and possibilities.


The goal of MoveMentor’s organizational development is to become more aware of:

  • Organizational values and ways of making them come alive
  • The advantage of being ready for change and having a dynamic organizational culture
  • The strength of a common awareness and common DNA – especially in relation to fusions

MoveMentor is a master of co-creation and knows how to involve all levels in the organization in an equal and respectful way. We use inspiring and innovative tools of dialogue – and we always work with patience because we know that real change takes time.


We unfold the vast potential hidden in all individuals, teams and organisations.

This happens through innovative leadership tools and integrated development processes, that locally and globally move our clients to the forefront of their field.


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