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Coaching and Mentoring


“You alone can do it – but you cannot do it alone”

In your development process it is sometimes necessary to be inspired by fresh perspectives to find new ways. Just like animals prefer to travel along their known pathways – we humans often have similar habits. To break these habits can create remarkable results.

We have worked with individual and team coaching for more than 15 years and apply different tools like personal profiles, coaching maps etc. to support the process. We have had the pleasure of coaching many managers in very different companies both on top and middle management level.

A 1 on 1 coaching process typically involves 3-4 sessions spread over 3 months. Themes could be present leadership challenges, stress management, personal development etc.

Among others MoveMentor has facilitated coaching and mentoring processes for top management, middle management and employees in:


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“We can hereby confirm that MoveMentor is “Ronaldo” in facilitating.”
Ole Kamp Jensen, Head of development, Aarhus Tech


”MoveMentor is incredibly good at:

  • Making complex issues simple so that every individual as well as the group has a strong focus
  • action based learning with reflection/feedback follow-up
  •  very clear and present coaching of managers and employees”

Anders Rancke Madsen, Senior Manager, Novozymes reg. leader and team development process for 3 years


“I experience that the energy in the department is really good and that things in general are just a 100 % better than when we started the development process”.

Tina Lindeløv, Head of Innovations in Lantmännen Schulstad



We unfold the vast potential hidden in all individuals, teams and organisations.

This happens through innovative leadership tools and integrated development processes, that locally and globally move our clients to the forefront of their field.


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