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Organizational Development

3D people making a puzzleWhen we assist our clients in organizational development we often focus on the following three areas:

1) Strategic Development and Execution of Strategy

2) Change Management

3) Value Implementation (and other things that consciously form the organizational culture)


 Among others MoveMentor has facilitated organizational development processes with :

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“The variation in form made the process interesting and full of learning! It was in no way heavy and bureaucratic. The playful approach and the deep commitment helped us reach a fantastic result”
Britt Marie Sundell, SAS


“A fantastic mix of commitment, energy and professionalism has carried through all the programs we have had with you.”

Eva Malver, CP Kelco


It has been a pleasure to work with you throughout this process – we will return!

Kim Madsen, Statoil


“MoveMentor has the unique ability to create inspiring learning spaces and to make the tools work in everyday reality too.”
Ann-Kristin Kongstad, HR director, Svalöv Weibull


Many businesses spend a lot of resources on developing a wonderful strategy – that ends up in a folder on the book shelf…

This is a waste of money, time and potential!

With the aid of a very efficient IT tool we have specialized in securing the execution of the strategies. Just as we can help you develop the strategy itself.

The IT tool

– documents the strategy (vision, mission, focus areas, must win battles, goals, department goals, KPI’s, action plans etc.)

– breaks down overall targets to department goals and action plans

– automatically follows up on mile stones in action plans and ensures a constant overview of the performance of the whole organization

Please contact us if you want to know more about strategic implementation and this great tool.



When the wind of change blows some build shelters – others build wind mills.

We guide and facilitate change processes in organizations and we educate change agents to handle “Change Management”. Everything we work for in MoveMentor is about mastering and guiding movement and positive change. When you are facing a change process it is important to ask the following questions:

– where on the change curve is management and where is the rest of the organization?

– how can we determine who are “Blockers” and who are “Allies” – what kind of resistance can we expect to experience?

– how can we get through the “change wheel” as fast and as safely as possible?

You can save oceans of time (and money) by approaching it the right way from the beginning. So why not do just that?



How can values come alive in our everyday reality? How can we unfold a positive organizational culture?

It happens most efficiently through co-creation, where everyone are co-creators and employee involvement is increased through a dynamic and creative change process. Such a process could follow our 6I-model:

  1. Initiation
  2. Involvement
  3. Integration
  4. Illustration
  5. Incorporation
  6. Invigoration

We tailor the process to fit the needs and DNA (culture) of the organization and often pair it with the  Appreciative Inquiry-method (AI) which finds all that is already functioning well in the organization – and makes it grow even further!

Call +45 27119922 and talk to Carsten Bruhn-Henriksen about your organization’s DNA and possibilities.


The goal of MoveMentor’s organizational development is to become more aware of:

  • Organizational values and ways of making them come alive
  • The advantage of being ready for change and having a dynamic organizational culture
  • The strength of a common awareness and common DNA – especially in relation to fusions

MoveMentor is a master of co-creation and knows how to involve all levels in the organization in an equal and respectful way. We use inspiring and innovative tools of dialogue – and we always work with patience because we know that real change takes time.

Stress Management

The most recent research show that it is not so important if we are stressed or not, but that it is much more important
WHAT WE THINK about stress.

In MoveMentor we primarily work with stress management through:

  • workshops and seminars
  • 1-1 coaching
  • As an integrated part of a leadership training program or team development program.

Among othersMoveMentor has worked with stress management for groups and individuals in:

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“We can hereby confirm that MoveMentor is “Ace of Spades” in facilitation.”
Ole Kamp Jensen, Udviklingschef, Aarhus Tech


”MoveMentor is incredibly good at:

  • Making complex problems simple so that the group and each member has a strong focus.
  • Action based learning with following reflection/feedback.
  •  Crystal clear and present coaching of managers and employees”

Anders Rancke Madsen, Senior Manager, Novozymes, 3 year leadership and team development process.


“I experience that the energy in the department is really good and that things are generally 100% better than when we started the team development process”.

Tina Lindeløv, Chief of Innovations in Lantmännen Schulstad


We work directly with the following questions:

  1. How can we identify stress symptoms – in ourselves and in our colleagues?
  2. What concrete tools can we apply (fx. mental training, mindfulness and relaxation)?
  3. How can we permanently free ourselves from the negative effects of stress?

Call us for more information on 27119922.

Interface Workshops

Departmental interface problems are not negative – they are true potential!!

MoveMentor offers solutions to interface issues between departments in a business or other types of organizations.

An archetypical interface issue arises between Production and Sales – Marketing. Production expects clear and long sighted sales forecasts, but often receives urgent orders instead.

The sales department expects flexibility from Production but often meets resistance – even when they have made great sales. The issue has existed since the birth of industrialization.

The solution is a qualified dialogue process, Departmental Interface Development Process (DIDPRO) which is based on the mediation process and other kindred tools.

The positive effects achieved by solving interface problems are substantial. Not only in terms of a better work environment but also on the financial bottom line . In some instances the solution of interface issues between Sales and Production has shown a 35% reduction in wastage and a 25% increase in earnings.

Conflicts are not dangerous. They can be considered as blocked energy. When a conflict is solved the blocked energy transforms into positive energy and the implicated parties experience a state of affairs significantly better than before. This is why there is such great human and financial potential in solving both small and serious conflicts.

MoveMentor has worked with DIDPRO in organisations like:

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“Thanks for a fantastic proces – it was well planned – and perfectly facilitated.”
Bernhard Richardson, HR Director, SAS


“No nonsense and no facade. You created and unusual trust in the groups throughout the process!”

Pia Lövgren, SAS



Coaching and Mentoring


“You alone can do it – but you cannot do it alone”

In your development process it is sometimes necessary to be inspired by fresh perspectives to find new ways. Just like animals prefer to travel along their known pathways – we humans often have similar habits. To break these habits can create remarkable results.

We have worked with individual and team coaching for more than 15 years and apply different tools like personal profiles, coaching maps etc. to support the process. We have had the pleasure of coaching many managers in very different companies both on top and middle management level.

A 1 on 1 coaching process typically involves 3-4 sessions spread over 3 months. Themes could be present leadership challenges, stress management, personal development etc.

Among others MoveMentor has facilitated coaching and mentoring processes for top management, middle management and employees in:


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“We can hereby confirm that MoveMentor is “Ronaldo” in facilitating.”
Ole Kamp Jensen, Head of development, Aarhus Tech


”MoveMentor is incredibly good at:

  • Making complex issues simple so that every individual as well as the group has a strong focus
  • action based learning with reflection/feedback follow-up
  •  very clear and present coaching of managers and employees”

Anders Rancke Madsen, Senior Manager, Novozymes reg. leader and team development process for 3 years


“I experience that the energy in the department is really good and that things in general are just a 100 % better than when we started the development process”.

Tina Lindeløv, Head of Innovations in Lantmännen Schulstad


Leader and Talent Development


“You are what you do, not what you say you’ll do.”

C.G. Jung

  • National and international leadership training with special methods of maximizing effects before, under and after the modules.
  • Tailored leadership training based on Personal Profiles, Action Learning and case work.
  • Talent programs attracting (and maintaining) the best candidates for your business.

As managers everyone is watching us when we take the lead. Competences, authenticity and “Walk the Talk” are paramount to make a group of people follow us.

MoveMentor has  facilitated national and international leadership and talent training programs in companies like:

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“MoveMentor has a unique ability to create inspiring learning situations and at the same time manages to transform the learning into action in everyday work situations. We have only received positive feedback from our international leadership training program”. 
Ann-Kristin Kongstad, HR director, Svalöv Weibull


”I have attended several leadership training programs, but this was by far the best. Excellent!”
Brian Bach, Schulstad


“MoveMentor is the world’s best!!”
Kristian Jensen, Malaco Leaf


“Great mix of seriousness and play – but with substance! And the content was relevant and tiemly for us. The exercises were very realistic. Just great!”
Lena Gustafson, SAS



To be able to change mindsets and facilitate actions that transform our reality in a positive direction is the essence of ”great leadership”.

In MoveMentor we call this phenomenon “Reflexecution” and our leadership training programs are built on this principle of reflection and execution.

Execution without qualified reflection is to ”do the wrong thing – well”. Reflection without the right execution is to “do the right thing – wrong”. To facilitate qualified reflection (fx. strategic or action planning) and lead the whole team or organization to execute with direction and consistency over time is to “do the right thing well” = “Reflexecution”.

In other words:
– Our mindsets define our thoughts
– Our thoughts manifest in our actions
– Our actions create our reality

Talent development – to create the perfect incubation situation for new talent.

Are you seeing just an egg, a caterpillar and an insignificant acorn? Or can you see the eagle, the butterfly and the great oak tree?

Companies with the best employees are winning in the market. This is reality.

As an example MoveMentor designed and facilitated the following talent development program with Malaco Leaf:

  1. Personal Leadership
  2. Coaching & communication
  3. Team Development
  4. The Innovative Malaco Leaf
  5. Malaco Leaf in the World


Our leadership and talent development is based on:

– Experiental learning – with lots of challenging and fun exercises
– State of the art theory – presented in a fresh and accessible way
– Special methods –  to transfer learning to everyday business reality to ensure the effect of the programs

MoveMentor specifically tailors development programs to fit your company’s needs and organizational culture.

Call +45 27119922 for an informal talk with Carsten Bruhn-Henriksen about your company’s leadership and talent development possibilities.




Team Development

“Only amateurs don’t train”

Ample time and lots of resources can make most teams perform well. Under pressure it is a different matter – only few manages to work harmoniously and efficiently in headwind or a raging storm.

This is why many companies choose MoveMentor’s team development processes.

Among others MoveMentor has facilitated team development processes for top management, middle management and employee groups in:


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“We can hereby confirm that MoveMentor is “Ronaldo” in facilitating.”
Ole Kamp Jensen, Head of development, Aarhus Tech


”MoveMentor is incredibly good at:

  • Making complex issues simple so that every individual as well as the group has a strong focus
  • action based learning with reflection/feedback follow-up
  •  very clear and present coaching of managers and employees”

Anders Rancke Madsen, Senior Manager, Novozymes reg. leader and team development process for 3 years


“I experience that the energy in the department is really good and that things in general are just a 100 % better than when we started the team development process”.

Tina Lindeløv, Head of Innovations in Lantmännen Schulstad


In the processes focus is on

  • How to create a peak performance team?
  • What are constructive and destructive group dynamics?
  • What phases is a team moving through over time?
  • Why are conflicts necessary to create unique results?
  • What can we gain by using visual team development tools?

We primarily base the team development on:

1) Tailoring of the process to fit your specific needs.

2) Individual profiles – showing participants’ behavioral preferences via simple and powerful color tools.

3) Collective Team profiles – showing the teams’ strengths and possible pitfalls.

4) Team diagnosis (tool with 25 questions helping you discover where the team is in it’s development process and what you should focus on to further develop the team)

5) Action Learning – practical exercises challenging the teams’ performance and ability to reflect.

We aim to make the team able to meet external pressures and tough deadlines without frustration or paralysis. The team development program is also about releasing blocked energy in the group. Energy that is often blocked by unclear goals, not knowing each other well enough, unclear roles and diffuse agreements about routines and ways you work.

When this blocked energy is released the team will typically be able to perform 30-50 % more (performance) and deliver 40-100% better results (quality). So ROI (return on investment) is very interesting for these processes

Please give us an informal call on +4527119922 to learn more.

Personal and Team Profiles

“Diversity doesn’t mean black and white only”
Henry Louis Gates

We are all unique – fortunately! When we work with personal and team profiles it mostly happens with colors green, blue, yellow and red. E-stimate’s DISC profile tool has proven it’s great worth on the market for 40 years now and we consider it to be the best there is.

The color combinations communicate clearly, profoundly and with great nuance our different behavioural preferences – and create a great basis for a qualified dialogue about strengths, differences and focus areas.


Among others MoveMentor has worked with personal and team profiles in:

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“The personal profiles and the exercises worked really great together! Especially because we constantly connected it to our every-day working together. You complemented each other really well! And had a good and calm way of communicating”
Jeanette Brodin, TEC


“We had a really good day – it was great to discover new aspects of one’s colleagues and at the same time highlighting our different strengths etc.”
Karina Buch Jensen, Carlsberg


“I would like to thank you for yet another great and very inspiring day. I think it has been a very healthy process for all of us and I look forward to what comes next!”
 Tove Skrædder, Samsø Kommune


The Personal profiles can be used for:


  • Recruiting
  • Management development
  • Talent development
  • Employee development
  • Replacement of employees
  • Coaching and personal development

The Team profiles can be used for:

  • Team developmentTeamprofil 1
  • Putting together new teams
  • Improve performance in a team
  • Strengthen communication and collaboration in a team
  • Determine personal competences in a team

We also hold a Thomas International certification and use that with equal effects.

Call Carsten Bruhn-Henriksen to talk about how you can use the profile tools in your development process.

Communications Training


 How do you sell to different types of people (DISC)?

How can you conduct a great employee development conversation?

How can you handle the difficult conversation?

How can you facilitate conflict resolution in the best possible way?

We train employees, sales personnel and management in authentic, clear and efficient communication.


Among others MoveMentor has facilitated communication training for top- and middle management as well as employee groups in:

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“Fantastic workshop – the combination of exercises and theory works perfectly!”

Kim Skaarup, Statoil


”The red thread is obvious throughout the process! During the4 days we have seen clearly how we can relate to our customers proactively. And just great with the follow-ups during the process”.

Britt Sundell, SAS


“The MUS-training was inspiring and instructive. Great alternation and connection between theory and practice. The outdoor exercises were both fun and rewarding”.

Bent Jacobsen, Lantmännen

SALES TRAINING SPECIFICALLYhttp://www.dreamstime.com/stock-photo-3d-people-around-word-sell-image14938280

MoveMentor offers coaching of experienced sales personnel, but we also focus on a basic training in professional and sustainable sales techniques.

We always tailor our sales training program to fit your business and will for example consider the best way for you to sell to new customers and sell more to your existing customers.

We work with empathetic and need-oriented sales processes and how we can achieve a sale that is favorable for both seller and buyer.

Through all the phases of the sale our focus is to maintain and enhance the customer relation in a sustainable way. A good deal is when both parties leave it smiling and satisfied.

Write or call us if you think you could get even better at “the art of communicating”.



We unfold the vast potential hidden in all individuals, teams and organisations.

This happens through innovative leadership tools and integrated development processes, that locally and globally move our clients to the forefront of their field.


Sildeballe 17, 8305 Samsoe, Denmark
Mobile: +4527119922