Unfolding Excellence in Individuals, Teams and Organisations

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Are your leadership tools up to date? Is your organisation's potential fully unfolded? Are you experiencing Peak Performance Teamwork?

MoveMentor facilitates transformation - positive development of people - and profits. Our tools and processes move your company quantum leaps forward.

Through 15 years and more than 1000 programs and workshops we have worked with all levels from Top Management to the operational level. Nationally and Internationally. In big and small co-operations.

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For me the unfolding of the human potential is the most joyful and interesting thing to work with in this world" .

Carsten Bruhn-Henriksen
Founder and CEO, MoveMentor

Leadership Development


Personal and Team Profiles

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Organisational Development

Organisationsudvikling - Forandringsledelse

Stress Management

Organisationsudvikling - Forandringsledelse

Coaching and Mentoring

Coaching - og Mentoring forløb

Communication Training

Coaching - og Mentoring forløb


We unfold the vast potential hidden in all individuals, teams and organisations.

This happens through innovative leadership tools and integrated development processes, that locally and globally move our clients to the forefront of their field.


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